SourceDogg’s combination of cutting edge, ‘in the cloud’ software and expert services enables organisations of all sizes to streamline their procurement function, achieving significant and immediate savings. Founded in 2009, SourceDogg has offices in the UK and Ireland. The aim from the start was to devise an affordable, easy-to-use and accessible alternative to unwieldy and expensive software solutions in eProcurement. With no training or set-up required, the SourceDogg application is powerful, secure and developed with real business objectives in mind. The client list includes public and private bodies and is growing steadily.

Used in conjunction with its suite of services (Spend Analysis, Managed Tenders and Complex Cost Modelling) delivered by seasoned industry experts, the SourceDogg application can transform a sourcing process in less than 24 hours.

The SourceDogg Application

  • Revolutionise the tendering process with the flagship eRFx product
  • Solicit detailed, like-for-like quotations, tenders, information or proposals
  • Minimise costs, optimise efficiency and maximise transparency
  • Free account for suppliers – enjoying time and cost reductions on their submissions


Already a multiple award winner (Supply Chain Innovation Award and the Supply Chain Technology Award), the SourceDogg application is the solution for any organisation seeking to save time and costs using a wholly transparent sourcing tool. Since 2011, SourceDogg has been part of the Nucleus VP Group, accelerating its expansion and extending international reach. The certification of all processes to ISO 9001:2008 underlines SourceDogg’s fundamental commitment to delivering world-class quality in eProcurement.


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