Nucleus VP Group

Nucleus VP was formed by technology entrepreneurs who are also engineers and scientists. Nucleus is built on the knowledge, expertise and the experience of highly successful international entrepreneurs. The three companies in the group are SourceDogg, Onwave and NVP energy. Our specialty areas include software development, telecommunications and cleantech technology.

We provide leading, lasting technologies. Nucleus VP Group is making a difference in the world of technology by building a lasting legacy of technology companies. Our mission is to develop sustainable companies. We aim to be the engine of technological innovation, fusing great ideas and business experience.

Nucleus VP Group initially invested in start up companies, providing experience and capital to accelerate their growth towards maturity.


Expanding our work force

Nucleus VP group has built its success on employing the right people. We have a highly successful and experienced team of workers. Our expertise has increased as a result. Nucleus VP Group is constantly recruiting please refer to our careers page.

Company growth

Nucleus VP Group are expanding into energy technologies with the potential to provide better ways of generating energy from industrial waste. NVP energy presents a unique, high-rate anaerobic digestion process which sustainably treats wastewater originating from industrial and municipal sources at a temperature range (4 – 20°C) which does not require an input of energy for treatment.