Despite the economic downturn, the Cleantech industry is globally expanding at an exciting rate. It has been reported that the global market for Cleantech is now worth €2 trillion, with estimates of the market value more than doubling to €4.4 trillion by 2025. In Ireland, Cleantech is one of the fastest growing sectors with 240 Irish Cleantech companies employing almost 6,000 people.

Nucleus and Cleantech sector (NVP energy)

NVP energy presents a novel Cleantech route to alleviating reliance on fossil fuels, increasing energy generation from waste and reducing CO2 emissions. The raw material used by NVP energy in achieving these goals is wastewater – a sustainable, ‘waste’ output material which is a valuable resource for energy production when used correctly.

The NVP energy approach treats wastewater originating from Food & Drink industries and municipal sources at a sufficiently low temperature that no energy input is required to drive the process. The technology is essentially a patent-pending innovative anaerobic digestion methodology which has the capability to treat effluent to release standard without the need for post-treatment technologies in many cases. The ability to generate a biogas with a high methane content, which is fully available for electricity and heat generation, allows NVP energy users to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources and to cut CO2 emissions.

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