A proliferation of mobile computing – more people and businesses online, more of the time – is behind the rapid growth of software development, a global industry measured in hundreds of billions of dollars. The demand for innovative and scalable solutions that are accessible from all corners of the globe is unceasing – and a great opportunity for start-ups with the right people and the right product.

Nucleus VP Group have identified key trends such as SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud Computing and UX (User Experience) that predicate success in this highly competitive market.


Nucleus and Software sector (SourceDogg)

SourceDogg is a Nucleus VP Group company providing innovative eProcurement solutions. Its award-winning online application is designed according to best practice principles and techniques of software development.

As a SaaS, the SourceDogg application requires zero installation and minimal user management, and boasts world-class user accessibility. SourceDogg utilises cloud technology, guaranteeing the security of client information and a key aid to the development process. Seamless UX is a core aim of the company – the SourceDogg application is enjoyable to use compared to the notorious complexity of well-known competitors in the eProcurement market. The development process is driven by a tailored version of the Agile/Scrum management method that emphasises creativity, teamwork, customer input and continuous improvement. As a result of these principles, the SourceDogg application is easy to use and adapted to the real business needs of today’s finance and procurement professionals.

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