Market & Technologies

Technological markets are exhibiting a phenomenal growth rate. Nucleus VP Group is at the forefront, building companies around innovative technologies. We are currently operating in the Software, Cleantech, and Telecommunications industries and we are expanding into other industries.


The proliferation of web 2.0, social media and collaborative technologies is among the factors driving the rapid growth of software development, a global industry of hundreds of billions of dollars. Read More


Telecoms is one of the fastest evolving sectors in the burgeoning information and communication industries. Onwave’s managed Hybrid SD WAN services enable companies to change with the times; increase bandwidth and resilience whilst tightening security. Read More


Clean Technology or Cleantech can be described as a diverse range of products, services and processes that harnesses renewable materials and energy sources in a drive to manage climate change, produce clean energy, reduce reliance on natural resources and decrease or eliminate emissions and wastes. Read More