Nucleus VP Group was formed by technology entrepreneurs focused on growing companies around innovative technologies. We offer business solutions in the sectors of software development, telecommunications and cleantech.

We strongly value mutually beneficial relationships and our clients have access to any member of the Nucleus VP team at any time. With such expertise behind us, Nucleus VP continues to shape the sectors we operate in. Nucleus VP has implemented the following industry techniques:

  • SourceDogg has developed leading strategic sourcing solutions with affordability and usability at the heart of the purchasing user’s experience
  • Onwave are one of the first companies to bring true hybrid connectivity solutions to the market
  • NVP energy generates renewable energy from wastewater – electricity/heat or biofuel from the generated biogas

Nucleus VP Group looks to hire and retain staff with the highest levels of expertise and continuously improve its strategies and underlying technologies. Our values are built on knowledge, commitment, relationships and loyalty.